GAGTA is a series of conferences organized periodically since 2005, by researchers in Group Theory around the world.

GAGTA conferences are devoted to the study of a variety of areas in Geometric and Combinatorial Group Theory, including asymptotic and probabilistic methods, as well as algorithmic and computational topics involving groups. In particular, areas of interest include group actions, isoperimetric functions, growth, asymptotic invariants, random walks, algebraic geometry over groups, algorithmic problems and their complexity, generic properties and generic complexity, and applications to non-commutative cryptography.

Any researcher interested in organizing a future edition of the GAGTA conference, please contact any of the members of the steering committee.

GAGTA 2015, 14-18 September 2015, CIRM, Luminy (near Marseilles), France

The next GAGTA conference will take place at the CIRM, in Luminy, Marseilles, France, September 14 to 18.

Registration is open, it will close on July 23. Register directly on the CIRM's website: more precisely by following this link. There is a limit to the number of people that can be accomodated at the CIRM, and you are encouraged to register without delay.

Financial support

We have limited funds and it is expected that participants first rely on other sources of funding. Young researchers will be given relative priority. If you wish to apply for partial financial support, please send a mail to gagta2015@sciencesconf.org as early as possible.

Submitting a contributed talk

If you wish to give a talk, please send an abstract to gagta2015-contributed@sciencesconf.org at your earliest convenience. CALL CLOSED


Institutional support




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